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AllAround Game 1.3

AllAround Game 1.3

AllAround Game Publisher's Description

MadLupigo has been experimenting a lot lately with colored blocks in the confinement of his laboratory (he thinks) but actually his cell. However, medication is starting to have an effect of him and he lately became more and more aware of his surroundings and what's really going on. Now, he uses his creation to try to keep his captors occupied so he may escape and continue his, well, mad experiments. HOW TO PLAY -the objective is to make pieces of the same color dissapear by having three in a line (or four, even five works!) -use touch or accelerometer controls to turn the wheel (Madlupigo devised a REVOLUTIONARY mechanic to keep you busy) -tap the center circle to make pieces fall faster -"joker" pieces will make it easier for you to have 3 or more pieces in a line -"dinamite" pieces will blow up everything around them - very usefull in cramped places! MadLupigo only wishes he had a real one... -a "blocking" piece will not let you turn the wheel as much as you'd like until you set down some more pieces - that's the genius of our mad scientist -as long as your pieces are not falling of the wheel, you're fine. And if they do, you can always try again!

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